Learn about our new service delivery methods, including virtual training and online training modules.

Join us on September 24, 2020 at 1PM (ET).


Safer Spaces provides organizational assessments, professional development workshops, and consultation services to create more inclusive programs and workplaces for 2SLGBTQ+ communities by addressing institutional barriers.

COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Offer Our Services

Safer Spaces built itself by delivering quality in-person workshops with a shared learning experience. The impacts of social distancing have made our in person workshops difficult to deliver, at least for a while. We’ve reimagined how we can provide you with the same transformational learning experience, just a little bit differently.

Join us as we share with you exciting new program updates, including new staff, expansions to North Bay and Sudbury, virtual and online training options, and a review of our new website.

We’ll Discuss

New Team & Regions

New Team & Regions

Safer Spaces now includes four team members across three regions. We now have Dale and Jason in Simcoe & Muskoka, Meg in North Bay, and Kathleen in Sudbury. You’ll be introduced to our new team and local facilitators.

New Website Icon

New Website

The new Safer Spaces website better highlights the organizations we’re working with, and the Champions who are creating Safer Spaces across our regions. We’ll provide a tour and tell you how you can land a spot on our website.

New Training Methods Icon

New Training Methods

Virtual trainings are now available, where teams can still come together for an interactive facilitator-led training. We’ve also created online training modules to participate in training at your own pace.

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Meet Our Speaker

Dale Boyle

Dale Boyle started with the Safer Spaces program in its launch of 2015. Dale comes with a background in Business Administration, specializing in human resources, marketing, and leadership. Since 2010, Dale has been developing 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion through facilitating youth groups, running student associations, sitting on a board of directors, and now working full time working with organizations to increase their inclusion.

Why Inclusion Matters

Safer Spaces Training provides a common language to help initiate discussions about inclusivity and (hopefully!) start leaders and the organization on the road to creating a culture where everyone feels like they belong. It’s a spark.

Workshop Attendee, CHRL

“Safer Spaces training should be a must of HR Departments everywhere. While most people are familiar with the LGBTQ+ community, Safer Spaces brings a deeper understanding to who is in this community, and how we can create a more inclusive space in our workplace. Safer Spaces creates a safe and respectful space within the training session for participants to ask questions; he is aware that most people have questions about this community, and he answers respectfully and honestly. As HR is the foundation of an employee’s experience in the Corporation, it is fundamental that HR employees take this training to understand the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, the history of this community and the strong biases that exist against this community in workplaces. As a result, we can work towards making sure this community is valued in the workplace and included in having a great employee experience.”

Workshop Attendee, CHRP

“Understanding the world of gender diversity can be confusing, especially if all the people you know and interact with on a daily basis identify with the historically stereotypical gender definitions. On top of that, we often worry that even asking a question in the “wrong” way it may be taken as offensive or insensitive.

Safer Spaces is very good at creating a safe space to learn, understand, and ask questions without judgement, which allows participants to move into a more informed and sensitive way of being and interacting with people who are different than they are…an important step towards making this world more accepting and empathic.”

Workshop Attendee, Hon. B. Comm, B.S.W., CHRL, CCP, CEBS

“As an office administrator, I never realized that I could make a trans person feel comfortable just by introducing myself with my pronouns.

Thank you for teaching me this technique. What a wonderful training!!!”

Workshop Attendee, CHRL

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