2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace Training in North Bay

For companies and organizations in the North Bay area that are in need of diversity training of any kind, Safer Spaces offers a number of opportunities both in-person and online. Providing a workplace environment which focuses solely on the business aspect of your organization is simply not enough. In today’s age of progress and understanding, we now know that an office or jobsite must also be an emotional healthy place as well.

LGBTQ workplace inclusivity and tolerance is no longer something that companies can just put in a memo or dedicate a page to in the corporate handbook and expect to get by with. As legislation has been passed guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for people of all lifestyles and orientations, employers must now make sure that their companies meet these legal requirements. That’s where LGBTQ workplace training from Safer Spaces comes in:

What Is Training?

Very simply put, diversity training can be anywhere from basic to advanced and can include anything from an interactive conversation to videos and readings. Regardless of what specific avenues of instruction are being used in your companies’ program, the results of these courses are what really matters. You will be able to expect a more welcoming and overall accepting work atmosphere.

Why Your North Bay Company Needs Training

In addition to the obvious reason being that it is the law, as well as the human aspect of it, there are also the corporate benefits as well. North Bay businesses which incorporate a forward-thinking LGBTQ workplace inclusion philosophy also experience a number of advantageous perks from it. For starters, recruits and potential employees often favor organizations that share their moral views.

Since most younger people in the hiring age range tend to have more progressive views on this subject, they are many times looking for a company with progressive attitudes and behaviors as well. And studies show that with a more inclusive work environment, employee morale goes up, as does productivity and profits. Although this should never be the motivation for creating a more inclusive workplace, it is certainly worth noting. Let Safer Spaces help you improve your office or jobsite today.