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We believe financial resources should not be the only factor that determines whether someone can access services. Please connect with us at [email protected] to apply for sliding scale.

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Evidence-informed and designed with best practices in creating and delivering 2S-LGBTQ+ cultural competency trainings. Our trainings increase knowledge and skills, while encouraging the shifting of attitudes when working with members of the community.

The curriculum is constructed using well-established theories of knowing how adults learn.

The Need for Inclusion

2S-LGBTQ+ people are more likely to leave their home region to access services, or hide their identity, resulting in inadequate services and unmet needs

Mental health of 2S-LGBTQ+ people is impacted by stigma, prejudice and discrimination, leading to higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide than general population.


Greater access to services for 2S-LGBTQ+ communities. Stronger team culture of diversity and inclusion, creating more productive teams and greater organizational performance.


  1. A trained facilitator will deliver workshops for your team either in person or online. Perfect for in-house training and a shared learning experience.
  2. Access our online training portal and go at your own pace. Designed for flexible schedules and self-guided learners.
  3. Schedule a debrief session for self-guided learners to ask questions and engage in a shared learning experience.
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  • Reflect on the shared human experiences of sex, gender, expression, and orientation
  • Explore barriers communities might experience to accessing your organization and services
  • Experience new perspectives and understandings through critical consideration of language, practices, and history
  • Identify strategies towards greater inclusion to implement moving forward
  • Reflect and challenge the roots of our own biases

Workshop Topics

  • Why Inclusion Matters
  • Concepts, Language, and Pronouns
  • Gender-Neutral Language
  • History and Human Rights
  • Local Statistics/Experiences
  • Trans Experiences
  • Navigating Institutional Barriers
  • Review & Resources


  • Live workshops are designed for 15-40 people
  • Hybrid models of self-guided on-line learning can be paired with a live half day debrief session
  • Interactive learning is a constant, whether delivered live or self-guided. Staff will be provided with opportunities for self reflection, knowledge checks, and application of learnings


With adequate preparation time, workshop content will be based on your industry and program areas. We can also develop a custom workshop for your organization.

Self-Guided Online Learning Modules

Less than 15 people
$99 /person
16-30 people
$89 /person
31-40 people
$79 /person
More than 40 people

Live: In-Person or Zoom

15-30 people
31-40 people
Larger groups or conferences

Learn more about our online training offerings.


In-person services may incur travel reimbursement at $0.41/km, & potential accommodations if necessary. * Self-Guided individual registrations are tax included. ** Minimum 15 people for a live workshop.

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A free Assessment Tool is located on our website, asking you questions on six different categories of institutional inclusion. A summarized report card can provide organizations with a snapshot of strengths and opportunities for growth, and can measure change over time. Consider using the Report Card to create a template and work plan towards greater institutional inclusion in the future.


How inclusive is your workplace? Generate a Report Card and use our Best Practice document to enhance institutional Two-Spirit, queer and trans inclusion.

Organizational Assessment & Report Card

First Report Card
Additional Report Cards


Reach out to us and coordinate a custom workshop delivery, explore a special consultation project, or other unique projects to enhance Two-Spirit, trans, and queer inclusion. Previous custom services have inlcuded lunch & learns, orientation sessions, intake form review, confidentiality policy consultation, and more.

Prices for Custom Services

Hourly Rate
Special Projects
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Purchase multiple complimentary services together to save on costs and receive discounts. Each package is designed to guide you through a system of change: from education, to planning and implementation, through to ongoing evaluation and improvement. we can support you each step of the way!

Services are to be used within 12 months of purchasing a bundle. Custom bundles & prices can be negotiated. A sliding scale can be used for those unable to pay full price. Please inquire

Hybrid Learning & Assessment Package: Putting Learning into Place

  • Self-Guided Learning Program, up to 40 people
  • 2.5 Hour Debrief Workshop, up to 40 people
    Must be used within one month after the Self-Guided Learning Program
  • Organizational Assessment & Report Card

Value: $4,506.50

Overall Savings: $1,507.50

Final Cost: $2,999

Shared Learning & Assessment Package: Keeping up with Best Practices

  • Live Facilitated Workshop, up to 40 people
  • 2.5 Refresher Workshop, up to 40 people
    Must be used within one month after the Live Facilitated Workshop
  • Two (2) Organizational Assessments & Report Card

Value: $5,244.50

Overall Savings: $1,495.50

Final Cost: $3,749

Assessment & Consultation Package: Leadership’s Commitment to Inclusion

  • Self-Guided Learning Program, up to 10 people
  • Two (2) Organizational Assessments & Report Card
  • Policy, Procedure, & Form Review, up to 5 documents or 10 hours

Value: $4,978

Overall Savings: $2,479

Final Cost: $2,499

Not sure what’s best for you? Reach out.


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Safer Spaces Training provides a common language to help initiate discussions about inclusivity and (hopefully!) start leaders and the organization on the road to creating a culture where everyone feels like they belong. It’s a spark. Workshop Attendee, CHRL
“Safer Spaces training should be a must of HR Departments everywhere. While most people are familiar with the LGBTQ+ community, Safer Spaces brings a deeper understanding to who is in this community, and how we can create a more inclusive space in our workplace. Safer Spaces creates a safe and respectful space within the training session for participants to ask questions; he is aware that most people have questions about this community, and he answers respectfully and honestly. As HR is the foundation of an employee’s experience in the Corporation, it is fundamental that HR employees take this training to understand the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, the history of this community and the strong biases that exist against this community in workplaces. As a result, we can work towards making sure this community is valued in the workplace and included in having a great employee experience.” Workshop Attendee, CHRP
“Understanding the world of gender diversity can be confusing, especially if all the people you know and interact with on a daily basis identify with the historically stereotypical gender definitions. On top of that, we often worry that even asking a question in the “wrong” way it may be taken as offensive or insensitive. Safer Spaces is very good at creating a safe space to learn, understand, and ask questions without judgement, which allows participants to move into a more informed and sensitive way of being and interacting with people who are different than they are…an important step towards making this world more accepting and empathic.” Workshop Attendee, Hon. B. Comm, B.S.W., CHRL, CCP, CEBS
“As an office administrator, I never realized that I could make a trans person feel comfortable just by introducing myself with my pronouns. Thank you for teaching me this technique. What a wonderful training!!!” Workshop Attendee, CHRL

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